25. September 2013


Trailer Lindau Nature video: Better living through chemistry

Avatar of Beatrice Lugger

At this summer’s Lindau Meeting we focused on pressing world problems and how chemistry can help us to solve them. In four films, laureates and students clash over the future of energy production, grapple with drug development, discuss dwindling supplies of metal catalysts and debate science’s role in the developing world. Get a taste in […]

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6. July 2013


Die Energieträger der Zukunft

Avatar of Lars Fischer

Das Problem ist gar nicht so sehr, wo wir in Zukunft unsere Energie herkriegen – die Sonne liefert genug davon. Leider allerdings nur in sehr vergänglicher Form und zudem unregelmäßig, und deswegen ist die zentrale Frage für die Energieversorgung des nächsten Jahrhunderts: In welcher Form speichern und transportieren wir Energie? Heute haben wir verschiedene Energieträger […]

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18. July 2013


¿Hasta dónde se puede ir contra todo y todos?

Avatar of Lorena Guzman

Siempre que termina un Lindau Meetings van apareciendo, de a poco, distintas experiencias que quedaron medio escondidas en la memoria. No se trata necesariamente de cosas menos importantes, sino de que la mente comienza a decantar el torrente de información que significó esa semana. Uno de los pensamientos que ha estado rondando mi cabeza es […]

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18. November 2013


New Drugs for old Bugs (Drug Development – Yonath & Kobilka)

We should all be worried by the growing number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and we urgently need to develop new drugs, says Ada Yonath. She and Brian Kobilka won Nobel Prizes for using x-ray crystallography to understand cell structures that are vital targets for drug development. In this film, three researchers challenge the structural approach and propose alternative ways to find drugs; some cutting edge, such as computation, and some ancient, such as searching for chemicals deep in the rain forest. What is the best way forward? Or is a combination of techniques the most promising approach?

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