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Thu, Jun 13, 2013 by Guest Blogger

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Michael Gaultois, participant 2013. // With only a couple weeks until the meeting, Lindau is occupying more of my thoughts. Naturally, there will be a delegation of distinguished Laureates, and I’m excited to interact with them in a less formal setting that seems to be involved with the spirit of the Lindau meeting.

I’m equally excited to meet and develop relationships with the other young researchers who will be attending. Everyone at Lindau will be movers and shakers, and I’m looking forward to the direction of discussions among dynamic scientists! We have a week together, and everyone will come to the meeting with an open heart and open mind, eager to engage with the other participants. It’s hard to fashion a better opportunity to cultivate lasting friendships and collaborative endeavours. Our time at Lindau is short, but life is long, and I hope Lindau will be the spark that sets aflame many fruitful relationships, be they research-oriented or otherwise.

Michael Gaultois


Michael Gaultois is a big fan of fountain pens, smoked mozzarella, M.C. Escher, and high fives, Michael Gaultois is a Canadian pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry South of the border at the University of California Santa Barbara. Michael is researching materials that convert waste heat into useful electricity, a topic receiving a lot of attention because governments and citizens want to increase our energy efficiency and decrease waste and emissions. His latest publication is one of the top 20 accessed articles in Chemistry of Materials this month.

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