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Jimmy Joy, participant 2013 // I arrived at Lindau in the middle of the night on Sunday along with the rest of the Indian delegation. It was a six hour bus ride from Frankfurt and we were only a few seconds from collapsing from a weird combination of jetlag and motion sickness. Making our way to Hotel Gastof Stift, we were pretty sure we had announced our arrival to the whole island with the noise of the 22 of us dragging our bags through the cobblestone streets breaking the calm and serene silence. Nevertheless, jetlagged or motion sickness impaired, we were all really excited to finally reach Lindau after all the preparation back home.

Still working by the clock back home, my body had woken up in the wee hours of Sunday.  Not wanting to waste a perfectly beautiful, cold morning in bed, I dragged myself out to streets, very intent on getting lost. This turned out to be much easier than expected – with all the charming buildings and water fountains everywhere to distract one’s sense of direction. Covering half the perimeter of the island along the coast, I was convinced those few hours had alone made this entire journey worth it, and it was only the beginning of the week.

Lindau harbour
Credit: Jimmy Joy

After the registration and the Inauguration ceremony on Sunday, a few of us set out to explore the island some more. We finally ended up on a light house, the view from the top made the € 1.6 ticket and the climb up the rickety stairs worth it.

View over Lindau
Credit: Jimmy Joy

Walking further away from the light house resulted in us getting lost for good, till one of us had the brilliant idea to use the GPS on a phone. Having realized we were late for dinner and we were exactly on the opposite side of the island to where we needed to be, we rushed back to Inselhalle to get a very late dinner and then back to our hotel.

The weather is by some miracle always at that perfect degree Celsius, the people are all always all smiles and polite and the food is absolutely gorgeous. The one thing that we all agreed we would never get used to is crossing the streets here. Back home, crossing from one side of the street to the other involved daring feats of acrobatics as the drivers never seem to notice pedestrians crossing the street – it is by some miracle we are all alive to tell this tale. So when the cars actually stop for the people to cross the street here, it caught us by surprise.

We are all really grateful for the organizers who are always there to help out at the Inselhalle and the other venues, Day #1 on Lindau thus lived up to all the hype and beyond. Danke !!!

Can’t wait for the rest of the week.

Jimmy Joy

Jimmy Joy is in his  final year of the dual degree program in Chemistry at IISER Trivandrum, India. When he is not in the lab, sleeping or eating, he enjoys getting lost in old book stores, taking care of the stray dogs around campus, cooking and writing. In the lab, he synthesizes donor-acceptor molecules that are then attached onto DNA to study how DNA can transfer charge. You can find his two publications at:DOI: 10.1021/jp308260a and DOI: 10.1021/jp303406p.

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