Strong accent on sustainability and energy challenges

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Max Schwilk, participant 2013 // First of all I have to say that it is a great honor for me and that I’m extremely happy to have had the chance to participate at this exciting conference. The conference organization was just great and I enjoyed the spirit of open minded conversations and cultural diversity that is present here everywhere. Seldom at a conference, it was so easy to get in touch with each other. I attend highest level discussions on interdisciplinary subjects and general subjects related to science.

The meeting has a strong accent on sustainability and energy challenges in the near future, a subject that is dear to my heart. Here, brilliant talks and panel discussions really lightened my thoughts. Equally important, discussions with young researchers and the science breakfast gave me also the opportunity of direct participation with my own concerns and questions.

The speakers, as masters of their discipline, are great in transmitting the important concepts of their branch of science, and more importantly, give insight into their personal life: how it is to be devoted to science, under which circumstances they had brilliant ideas or made ground-breaking observations, leading to great scientific achievements.

By the way, my host family was just brilliant! They are so adorable, they even lend me a bike, so I can get easily to all the places in Lindau!

I am generally interested in theoretical and computational chemistry, convinced that this branch of chemistry will considerably help to tackle the big challenges that chemistry will face in the near future. In particular, I am working on the development of electronic structure methods, which are the key to almost all the properties of a molecule. In my PhD project I am aiming to make highly accurate ab initio methods available for larger molecules with several hundreds of atoms for the calculation of reaction paths and spectroscopic data. I have the chance to work in a group with excellent people at the University of Stuttgart in Germany.

The discussion with other young researchers from different fields of chemistry was really important to me, because I want to stay up-to-date to the problems they tackle. Why? Simply because you need to know what kind of problems they want to solve, if you want to develop theoretical methods and software that will help to solve these problems. Also, it is important for me to hear from other computational chemists what they expect from quantum chemistry software.

A great motivation to continue to live my scientific passions, a lot of very inspiring and important conversations and certainly some contacts for collaborations in the future – this is what I take home from this meeting.

All this makes this conference for me to a very special and unforgettable event.

Max Schwilk

Max Schwilk studied material sciences and chemistry in Strasbourg, France and Stuttgart, Germany. After a master thesis in the field of heterogeneous catalysis he decided to devote his interest to computer simulations in chemistry. He currently is a PhD student at the University of Stuttgart and he works on the development of new electronic structure methods that are both highly accurate and accessible for molecules with several hundreds of atoms. With such methods, one can calculate reaction pathways and all kind of spectroscopic data.


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